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dancingcarrot21 in oliverw_katieb

Welcome, fellow shipper!

We are open and ready for fanfics!  So get all your friends to join and start posting up a storm.  Because Oliver keeps harassing us for more Oliver/Katie mania.  I will be searching for Oliver/Katie icons and banners for our lovely community.  Although I'll never say no to a talented banner maker up for the task.

So how did we get the name Keeping the Chase Quidditch Pitch?  Well, my friends, that name was bestowed to us a long time ago.  And it's quite simple to understand, really:  Oliver Wood is a Keeper.  Katie Bell is a Chaser.  Both play Quidditch.  And because we like Oliver/Katie to end up together, but through various obstacles, it's like keeping the chase.

Anyway, fun fact.